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Long-Term Customers

Tech is easy — understanding you is the hard part

Long-term IT starts by building a strong relationship with your business and your team. As our relationship develops, we work toward the big-picture goals together, adapting to your needs as your business grows. Don't take our word for it, ask our clients.

A strategic partnership

  • Quarterly strategy meetings

    Quarterly strategy meetings

    These meetings are an opportunity for us to understand a few things. How are we doing as your IT provider? Are we getting the job done? In addition to understanding if we’re delivering on our promise, we discuss the future of your business such as upcoming projects, annual IT budgeting, and equipment lifecycles.
  • Ongoing 24/7/365 human support

    Ongoing 24/7/365 human support

    No auto attendants, AI, or full voicemail here. From proactive visits to a help desk that’s actually helpful, you’ll never need to question if someone’s working on your support request. Our Client Service Coordinator synchronizes our resources to efficiently and effectively solve your problems. We offer on-call resources during off hours so you’re never left hanging in a pinch.

  • Growth & flexibility in changing environments

    Growth & flexibility in changing environments

    Our team is always learning and adapting to the evolving technical landscape and the changes in your industry and business. We also study the successes of our other clients and bring those best practices back to you.

  • New tools & technologies

    New tools & technologies

    With technology, staying in the status quo doesn’t fuel growth. We are eternally curious about leveraging new technologies to better clients and ourselves.

Stamm Stories

 Don't water the server!

Don't water the server!

When a garden center client had an off-hours emergency request, our team rose to the occasion. The sewer system had backed up into their network room on Friday night. After getting an S.O.S. call, we went onsite and worked through the late night, moving all the hardware out and running cabling to a temporary location so the client was able to open Saturday morning. Our team was able to get them back up and running and the client was able to operate business throughout the weekend while restoration crews worked to solve the sewer issue.

Kyle Siebert Technical Account Manager, Stamm Tech


Maintaining long-term client relationships is a testament to the dedication of our superheroes and their commitment to whatever it takes. Take a second to meet our leadership and understand that our standards for customer service are set at the highest level.

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