New Customers

IT starts with understanding your business

It’s always our goal to keep the human element in everything we do. With Stamm Tech, we treat every new client like they’re going to be with us for a long-time even if it’s just for supplemental work or short-term consulting. No client is just a number to us. Understanding what comes next after signing on the dotted line can be the difference between feeling confident in your IT partnership choice and rethinking your decision.

The Onboarding Process

  • Discovery of your business goals

    Discovery of your business goals

    Our team will meet at your office to discuss your current environment—including any technology frustrations, processes, and future business goals. Your goals become our goals and we work together to strategize how to get there.

  • In-person audit

    In-person audit

    Using our auditing tools, we get a baseline of your technology, including looking for any vulnerabilities or issues on the network needing attention. With this information, we are able to provide recommendations to help your company stay secure and efficient.
  • Your onsite IT manager

    Your onsite IT manager

    Every client is assigned an IT Manager—your first line of defense. The IT Manager acts as an extension of your team. They know your employees, technology, and most importantly: your business.  We love it when the IT Manager sits at your side of the table during business reviews and even gets invites to holiday parties!

  • Cleaning up loose ends

    Cleaning up loose ends

    While we onboard your business, we will close any gaps that we've discovered and discussed with you during the audit process. This way, we can start our partnership off on the right foot.

  • Technology roadmap & planning

    Technology roadmap & planning

    Your assigned Technical Account Manager will schedule quarterly or bi-annual Regular Business Reviews with your key stakeholders to discuss your technology and software lifecycles.

  • Unraveling complex challenges

    Unraveling complex challenges

    Often when we meet a new client, we find there are complex tasks that have been stalled due to a lack of expertise or capacity. We come in to assess, plan, and implement your neglected projects.

Stamm Stats

  • 8+

    Years on average our customers have been with us

  • 147

    Clients who have been with us over 10 years

  • 73%

    Of clients we've won through word of mouth


We’re transparent about our process so you know what you’re getting into before making the investment in Stamm. You’ve learned a lot about us, but we’d love to learn more about you.

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