Managed IT

We focus on your IT so you can focus on your business

What does it mean when we say, we own your IT? We take a proactive approach to oversee your technology everywhere from the users to servers and cloud, and all the support requests in between.

What We Do

  • Strategic Business IT

    Strategic Business IT

    Finding the right course of action starts with us spending the time to learn about your business. Doing so allows us to align technology with your mission.
  • IT Projects

    IT Projects

    From office moves to cloud migrations, let us handle the heavy lifting so your business can run seamlessly.
  • Network Security

    Network Security

    One size truly doesn’t fit all. We customize our approach to your security based on your team, devices, organization size, and industry.
  • Automation & Reporting

    Automation & Reporting

    So that we can spend our time focusing on the big picture, our team implements intentional processes to streamline security, deployments, and updates on the back end. Generating accurate reports keeps us accountable.
  • Cloud & Vendor Management

    Cloud & Vendor Management

    We're vendor agnostic, which is fancy for saying we don't force you into hardware vendors to be your IT company. Our recommendations are always in the best interests of your technology and your business.
  • Apple & Mixed Network

    Apple & Mixed Network

    Macs vs. Windows? It doesn't matter to us as long as your equipment is up-to-date and running efficiently. If it's not, it's our job to fix it.
  • Technology & Infrastructure

    Technology & Infrastructure

    IT starts from the ground up. Intelligent building at its finest, we can implement cabling, surveillance, access control, and Wi-Fi.
  • Loaner Equipment

    Loaner Equipment

    Don't go breaking the bank in a pinch. We get last-minute emergencies which is why we offer a variety of loaner devices including servers, laptops, and projectors.

  • VOIP Phones

    VOIP Phones

    Working your phone system shouldn’t be like solving a Rubik's Cube. Click below to learn more about how Stamm Hosted Voice can enhance your business.

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  • Office 365 Consultant

    Office 365 Consultant

    We take a deep dive into the 365 applications to help your team make the most out of Teams, Planner, PowerBI, and more.

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  • Anything Challenging

    Anything Challenging

    We’re pros at solving technical puzzles. Bonus points if it’s unexpectedly urgent.
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Stamm Stories

Hard hat help

Hard hat help

After admittedly getting in over their head, a non-profit organization reached out to Stamm about helping them navigate the IT infrastructure for their new building and company. With only eight months left until completion, we stepped in to be the client’s voice through the remaining construction meetings with just enough time left to steer vendors in the right direction. We handled all things IT and tech right down to the website domains. Now, we act as their full-on managed service provider.

Robert Tyson Lead Technical Account Manager, Stamm Tech

Stamm Stats

  • 295,168

    Issues resolved...and counting

  • 5-500

    The perfect sized company to partner with Stamm Tech

  • 3,847

    Managed devices...and counting


If you’re interested, we are too. Technology is a commodity. We want to understand you and the nuances of your business so we customize our approach to your IT.

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