About Stamm

We are an IT firm that cares about your business, employees & technology

Don’t get us wrong, there are IT professionals out there that (unfortunately) fit the industry stereotype of being difficult to work with or not customer service oriented. We’re proud to say that energy isn’t us.

  • Our people

    Our people

    Hospitable enough to impress Gordon Ramsay. Creative enough to hold our own against AI. Nerdy enough to fit in at Comic Con. Our team is comprised of creative thinkers, fast-paced thrivers, and customer service stars. The happy humans of Stamm are fueled by caffeine and the drive to solve the next technical challenge.
  • Not just a tagline

    Not just a tagline

    Doing whatever it takes is not just a mantra to us, but how we do business. It’s in our DNA, embedded in our culture. It means going above and beyond our client’s expectations. We execute this by...


    • Working through the night to make sure our client can work the next morning.
    • Letting a client borrow a projector for a meeting or an internet hotspot for a trip.
    • Dropping everything on a Sunday to fix a problem.
    • Jumping on a plane at the last minute to save the day at a remote location.
  • How IT started

    How IT started

    Dave Stamm worked as an Apple consultant while he was going to UW Whitewater, taking on clients that we still serve today. The client has always come first for Dave, often resulting in pausing his education to pursue his entrepreneurial goals. Since the world didn’t end with Y2K Dave returned to the Milwaukee Metro area and incorporated in January of 2000, thus the beginning of Stamm Technologies. The same founding principles from 2000 are still as important today as they were then: leveraging technology to improve client’s business, serving clients with warmth, and always advocating for the client while remaining vendor neutral.

Stamm Stories

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Stamm Technologies' representatives are always pleasant and very professional. Work is done efficiently. My company is always happy with the results!

JoAnne Welk Edge Investment Partners


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