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White glove service for discerning executives

Are you an executive or do you support an executive with high expectations? We have years of experience supporting the most selective clientele. We say, it’s the little things, but with this genre of clients, it’s truly about the small details and whatever it takes moments we provide to these clients including C-Suite executives, family offices, and foundations.

What We Do

  • Windows & Mac

    Windows & Mac

    It doesn't matter to us as long as your equipment is up-to-date and running efficiently. If it's not, it's our job to fix it.
  • Home Infrastructure

    Home Infrastructure

    From bullet-proof WiFi to full-on home automation, no request is too outlandish.
  • Loaner Equipment

    Loaner Equipment

    Is it broken, and you need it yesterday? From phones to tablets, we’ll find a way to get it to your location. Our passports are ready!

  • The World Traveler

    The World Traveler

    We procure cellular services, internet services, local IT support, and loaner equipment wherever you end up in the world.

  • Anything Challenging

    Anything Challenging

    We understand that everything at this level is urgent. Stamm Tech has the means to get it done. Give us a challenge.
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Stamm Stories

Over the Edge

Over the Edge

Our very long-time client, a personal growth and business coaching firm, was traveling with several of their clients in Israel on a pilgrimage. Every day of the trip was scheduled from sunrise until midnight, with each experience led by the founder of the company. In the middle of the trip, on an action-packed day, the founder's Mac laptop fell 20 feet onto a rocky ledge below, completely destroyed. We received an emergency call in the middle of the night. We immediately responded, working to find a local Mac reseller in Israel, purchase a computer, and remotely restore the founder's data from the online backup. In less than 24 hours we had the new, configured computer delivered to our client via local courier. Whatever it takes, worldwide!

Dave Stamm CEO, Stamm Tech

Stamm Stats

  • 1

    Lost iPad recovered from a United Flight in Belgium

  • 17

    The number of spare devices we have on the ready

  • ~171

    Acres we've covered with WiFi


Have more specific questions about how Stamm Tech can support your high-level executive or family office? Let us alleviate your concerns and prove we have the meticulous touch in providing the best customer service for the VIP clientele.

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